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Like so many dogs before him, EK-230 dreams of a life outside the lab. But like so many dogs before him, he was never meant to leave. 

After all, he’s just another project to the humans, worth little more than the results he gives them. Even his name is just a serial number, tattooed inside his ear for identification.

Things are changing, though. Strange humans have started visiting the lab in the dark of the night, humans that couldn’t be more different from the researchers. These new humans wear cameras and big white suits. They offer treats to EK-230 and his siblings. Best of all, they come with promises of rescue.

Only time will tell whether or not they can be trusted. Humans are humans, and as much as EK-230 wants to love them, humans are rarely good news for a dog like him.

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Aris Austin seeks to make the world a better place for animals by writing books about animals, from the animals' perspective. To learn more, please visit the "bio" page!

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